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The All-Important House Christmas Meal


If you’re looking for something fun to do with your house or halls flatmates then maybe a house Christmas meal is the way to go. Bring your housemates closer together, or test the bonds of friendship – if you can survive a group meal planned and cooked by everyone, what greater foundation for a relationship is there?!   

 Every year of my university career has had a house Christmas meal. It is just one of those traditions that I cannot forego – pencilling in a weekend or week night when all the house pool together a bit of money, group shop for those Christmas traditions – a bird of some sort, potatoes, veg and desserts – and then put everyone’s cooking skills to the test. Not only do you end up catering for all the fussy eaters (myself included) but the varying methods of how a roast potato should really be done according to the way someone else’s household always used do it. It’s an enlightening experience! I’ve discovered new ways to cook the most mundane vegetables, managed to time the majority of the food so it’s still all hot by the time it gets on the table (if not, drown it in gravy and it’ll warm it right back up – or a microwave), and the mountains of food made – 3 varieties of potato (1 mashed and 2 varieties of roasting), numerous amounts of veg based on preferences from cauliflower cheese to broccoli and carrots and one year we had a honey roast ham in addition to the £3 chicken. As a side note, no-one has ever voluntarily chosen sprouts for their veg of choice. One of my favourite parts is the mismatched crockery that comes out as everyone presents their university set of plates. If you want to go the whole hog get some board games or charades on the go post meal.   

It’s a tradition that every student house should get on if they don’t already!

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