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Apr 24 2017

Holey Moley Look at those Potholes


Did you know there is a pothole reporting tool on the council website?


Well, looking at the number of potholes plaguing Manchester at the moment, it appears you are not alone. But, if a pothole is reported the council will inspect it within 5 working days. The issue is, what counts as a pothole?

Apparently there are over 20,000 pothole complaints at the moment. Unfortunately different councils have different ideas on how big the hole has to be before it’s classified as a pothole.

Manchester have stated that different areas of the city receive different pothole size requirements. In the city centre a 20mm deep hole or greater in the footway and a 30mm deep hole in the carriageway are classified as actionable defects. For those further out, its 25mm in the footway and 40mm deep in the carriageway. Manchester City Council did not comment on widths. As a comparison, in Gloucestershire for example, a hole in a road must be the depth of a "golf ball" (40mm) and the width of a "large dinner plate" (300mm) before the county council will regard it as a pothole, whereas other councils have much lower size thresholds. It is interesting to note that in Hounslow, potholes on residential streets will only be fixed of they are over 75mm deep, known as “intervention level”.

The general consensus for width appears to be based on serving plate sizes varying from “side plate” to “large dinner plate” size, with Suffolk also specifying that potholes on minor roads have to be the size of a “dustbin lid” (600mm) before it will be fixed. Depths of the holes vary from 30mm in Bath and North East Somerset to 50mm in Chester and Cheshire West. For cases where potholes have damaged vehicles however, the courts normally deem that the hole must be at least 40mm deep.

Despite the issues with ever tightening council budgets, reporting potholes is always the right thing to do. Not only does it contribute to more effective road maintenance but if any vehicles get damaged, drivers are more likely to have a successful claim if the pothole has been reported and not effectively dealt with.

 So for the sake of your fellow man, let’s get reporting those potholes and see if we can make our roads a better place to be.

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