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Nov 7 2016

The Changing Face of Fallowfield - The Orange Grove

As you may have spotted over the last few months, the works at the south Manchester site of the former Orange Grove pub in Fallowfield have begun. 

Once a popular student pub, the Orange Grove has been demolished and plans have been approved by the council to build 35 flats and 8,000 sq ft of retail units with sales already underway for the brand new development..

Known by generations of students, you could always trust the Orange Grove for a good deal. It had all the trimmings of a friendly student pub: pool tables, Sky sports on a flat screen TV and cheap food. Although the place was a little shabby, and the music was a little loud, it was still a sad goodbye when it shut down two years ago. The place held many memories for many a poor student looking for a drink with friends. 

‘Generation Ltd’, the same development company set to revamp the Toast Rack, took on the development of this space. A stone’s throw from the Owens Park Campus, the location benefits from all the amenities you’d expect from a popular, student-centric, Manchester suburb. Excellent transport links to the university and city centre, hospitals, shops and plenty of pub and night-life, despite saying a sad goodbye to the Orange Grove.

Four floor buildings containing 35 one, two and three bedroom flats will be built above new retail units with parking spaces at the rear of the site. We at Around Town Flats are excited to see how this new development will add to the rich, lively atmosphere of the area.

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