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Moving Out Made Easy


Moving Out Made Easy


Moving out can be a very stressful and time consuming process.  The secret to success, as always, is planning! To minimise the stress involved, we have put together a guide to make moving more organised, less stressful and maybe, dare we say it, even fun.

Hints and Tips

Before we begin, here are some helpful hints and tips:
• Careful planning is essential. It can save you so much time and makes sure you don’t leave anything behind.
• Avoid disposal charges by not leaving anything behind. It will be money you could have avoided spending.
• Your check in inventory, photographs, tenancy agreement and any move-in letters should be your move out bibles and are great for ensuring nothing is left uncovered.
• Take an active role in every element of the move out rather than leaving it to one housemate. Not only is it unfair to do so, but you risk losing your deposit if they decide not to do it properly.
• Some utility suppliers need 30 days’ notice so make sure you leave enough time to notify them.

Move Out Guide

6 weeks before moving:
• Read your tenancy agreement, inventory and letters sent prior to move out to ensure you have all the guidelines you need.
• Ensure you have your deposit information and repayment ID. Request them again if you do not by contacting the Deposit Protection Service or the deposit protection scheme your landlord used. Find out who the Lead Tenant of the property is.
• Make a list of important things that you are likely to forget.
• Make a list of all the rooms that need to be painted, find out what the recommended paint type/brand is and purchase the paint, filler and tools needed.

4-5 weeks before moving:
• Call your gas, electricity, water, council tax suppliers as well as your TV, internet and phone suppliers to notify them of account closing and arrange final meter readings for your final bills.
• Contact the Post Office to inform them of your move, provide them with your new address and have your mail redirected.
• Email us your forwarding address to  Please ensure you include your name and the property that you are currently living in so we can attribute this new address to you.
• Start collecting moving and packing supplies. If some of your stuff needs to be stored or shipped, start looking at storage companies such as The Big Space and how much in advance you need to book.

3 weeks before moving:
• Check your check out appointment time and make sure you have recorded it in your diary.
• Contact your bank or check online to request your standing order mandate is stopped to ensure you do not keep paying rent after your tenancy ends.
• Start clearing out and disposing of things you don’t need. Anything that can be reused or recycled should be dealt with accordingly.
• Box up anything you won’t need till the end and leave only items you will need for the next couple of weeks.

2 weeks before:
• Fill all holes you have made in walls and re-paint all walls you painted a different colour during your tenancy.
• Clear out all wardrobes, cupboards and other storage, leaving only the bare minimum for the next two weeks.

1 week before:
• Deep clean the property from top to toe.
• Clean oven and empty and defrost the fridge. From this point, any other cleaning can be done as you go along.
The night before:
• Pack everything you will need in week one of new house in one labelled box.  Parents recommend including the kettle in this box so you can make fresh brews on arrival.
• Finish cleaning the property to inventory standard using check in photographs as a guide.

Move Out Day:
• Lock all windows and doors and turn of all lights and switches. Do not forget to turn of heating or reduce to a low temperature if in winter to prevent pipes from bursting.
• Check to ensure that you have not left anything behind in the property.
• Hand in your keys at or before specified time or attend check-out appointment.
• Take photographs of the property in case of deposit disputes.
• Check the inventory whilst at the property to ensure that everything is as close to the inventory as possible with the exception of wear and tear.

After moving out:
• Collate your final electricity, water, gas, and council tax bills and give them to Around Town Flats to start deposit return procedures. You can also email us copies.
Happy Moving!


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