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Jan 23 2017

Find the Dream Student House - Top 5 Tips


Some of you may be totally clued up to the student property search tips and dilemmas but for the rest of the world, including us back in the day, searching for your first, second or even third student house can be filled with fear, trepidation and a sense of I don't know what the hell I am doing?!
Well let us try and put your mind at ease a little with our Top 5 guide for finding that perfect house.

1) Know your potential housemates - have a look at our blog here.
We understand it's a big ask. You've been at uni for a couple of months in real terms, trying to juggle uni work with socialising, and the fear that you'll never find anyone that you want to live with. Don't worry not everyone gets it right first time but the more you know your friends and potential housemates, the better. So, start looking at your new-found friends with a 'would you be ok to live with?' head on.

2) Start finalising numbers
From experience, student house groups tend to start bigger and the numbers go down over time. Start thinking about how many people you want to live with and then begin firming up the numbers. As much as you may have a hypothetical group of 9 people, the number of those actually committed may be a solid 5 members. Moreover, there are fewer massive student houses on the market so if you do have a solid group, of say 16, start looking early.
-What if you're not sure of numbers
Don't start panicking! There are always more organised groups out there. If your group is teetering on a 5 or 6 man, come in and talk to us. We can show you a selection of both house sizes so you get an idea of what's out there. If the 6 bed calls to you then maybe it's worth trying to firm up the group.

3) Have an idea of what you want
Start drawing up a list of your top wants and needs in a house such as:

-Location - close to uni? close to shops? etc

-Amenities - dryer, dishwasher etc

-Price - how much you can afford to pay (some of your group may be more affluent than others)

Just remember to make a list of your most important things, whether location is top priority, or house size and then rank them in order.
We've had groups of students that were adamant they needed a dryer and to be close to uni so we found them a great house in Rusholme that met their top two criteria. And always remember, sometimes you will need to compromise.

4) Start looking early for your house
The early bird definitely catches the worm. There is a lot of great stuff out there and there is a golden goose for every group but those golden eggs start depleting the longer you leave it. If you are a big group, then you need to be especially organised - not only do you have a lot more people to get in gear but there are only so many larger houses on the market.

5) Be ready to expand your horizons
Fallowfield is not the be all and end all. If a specific location is not your top priority, but merely that you want to be close to a shop, there are advantages to all the different areas of Manchester. Examples include:

-Rusholme - closer to the uni, full to the brim of takeaway options, excellent transport links

-Didsbury - a little further away from university and the town centre but still has its own hustle and bustle and a slightly different scene

-Victoria Park - closer to uni but tends to be a little calmer and quieter

We have helpful area guides on each of our property listings to give you a hand.

Once you've got these few tips down, the actual task of finding a student house should seem a little less scary. Now you just need to start looking for that dream house but hopefully this has made the process seem a little less daunting.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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