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Happy Housemate Guide

Perfect characteristics for a new housemate differ from person to person. One person’s dirty noisy slob is another’s dreamy roomy.
Around Town Flats have compiled a few questions to ask yourself and a list of important criteria to think about when choosing a housemate for next year.

Business Studies or Medic?  Ancient History or Aerospace engineering?
What course your future housemate are on is important. There can be a stark contrast between workloads for different courses. For every humanities student who has 5 hours lectures all the way until 3rd year there is a medic, scientist or mathematician with a full timetable. It’s important to consider that 1pm starts every day may clash with a full week of 9am lectures.

Clean freak or filthy animal?
Don’t always think that if someone’s room or clothes are clean and tidy they are automatically going to be helpful with the washing up. Washing up is discussed and argued daily in a student house. It’s boring and everyone knows it, but try and find out if your potential roomy does their fair share. However, on the flip side of the messy slob housemate is the ‘neat-freak’ who nags you 5 minutes after dinner to wash up your plate? Which one is preferable is for you to decide!  

Lovers or legends?
We’ve all been there with the friend who’s in a relationship and either they are always away with their partner leaving a void in your house or their partner essentially lives with you. On the flip side seeing a stream of strangers faces in your house thanks to yet another overnight conquest is not always the breath of fresh air you are looking for. You may have a ‘more the merrier’ attitude a few nights a week but if your housemate’s girlfriend is in the bathroom every morning when you have an early lecture will you be quite as welcoming?

Loners or life of the party?
It has long been said you should beware of the quiet ones but if your future housemates base their house choices solely on the ideal party basement you may wish to bear in mind that all those mental parties will be happening at your house!  Being bezzie mates with the five-o might not be so fun once you realise they are here because someone took your prized laptop.

Mr Muscle!
Work out bench in the lounge? Whey powder on the fridge? Washing machine constantly washing the gym clothes? Tripping over the gym equipment might be your dream and they may look good but living with the buff can get annoying.  Be warned!  That said, the eye candy reward can help you learn to live with anything.

Fridge etiquette!
Fridge etiquette is important. It encompasses both those with too little and too much food. It’s best to discuss in advance if the basics like milk and bread are to be shared and if a 3am fridge raid is acceptable. Obviously housemates who pinch your food are annoying as no one wants something they have been saving to have disappeared without a trace before they have had a chance to eat it. Nevertheless, those with so much food in the fridge that you can’t fit in your share can be equally irritating.

Soap addict or history buff?
Sharing a living room can be fantastic so long as you have shared interests.  The TV is something you will have to share, especially at 6pm when everyone is making dinner. Will your choice of perfect housemate still look so good when they make you sit through hours of Hollyoaks, Eastenders or Corrie? Just as pertinent a point, do you want someone who flicks through all the channels while everyone argues about what to watch?

These questions may seem trivial but they can become important after a few months when uni work increases and everyone gets that little bit more stressed. The most important thing to remember is to discuss the little things before they become an issue. No one is perfect so you will need to prioritise.

Our top tip is to do a little more than you think you should to help out round the house. This ultimately makes all your lives happier!

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