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Oct 25 2017

What's On: Bonfire Night 2017

That time of year is nearly upon us again. As the clocks go back at the end of October and we enter into the penultimate month of the year our attentions begin switch to all things Christmassy.

An annual celebration in Great Britain takes place every year on 5th November. Remember, remember the fifth of November is the famous line recited to recall Guy Fawkes Night – more commonly referred to these days as Bonfire Night.

Historically, the day’s fame stretches all the way back over four hundred years ago to 1605 and the uncovering of the plans to destroy the House of Lords. The day is annual public holiday of thanksgiving to celebrate the plot’s failure.

This year, as usual there are many free local displays and events across the Greater Manchester area. For specific local events relevant to our tenants please see below:

  • Saturday 4th November – Albert’s Square, City Centre – this event coincides with the Christmas light switch-on and will feature a firework display during the evening. See our previous blog for more details on this event here:
  • Sunday 5th November – Platt Field’s Park, Fallowfield (funfair from 5pm, bonfire at 7.30pm, fireworks shortly afterwards) – the majority of our tenants live in the heart of Fallowfield and this display is ideally located for students just a short walk away from Owen’s Park. An entrance to the park is conveniently located at the bottom of Mabfield Road, the street Around Town Flats’ office is on the corner of.
  • Sunday 5th November – Heaton Norris Park, Stockport (gates at 5.30pm, bonfire 6.30pm, fireworks at 7.30pm) – for our tenants living in the Stockport area this event is located just a short distance away. Please note, this event costs £5.00 entry per person but profits are going towards local causes – this event is therefore a great way to help your local community whilst enjoying Bonfire Night.
Please note, local councils estimate traffic to be very busy and have advised the public to use local transport services. Due to security alerts, visitors are asked to leave bags at home to speed up entry to the sites.

For a further information of local displays, you can visit the following helpful links:

Manchester Evening News – Bonfire Night 2017: Events and Fireworks Displays

Manchester City Council – All Bonfires in Manchester 2017

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