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Cleaning Guide


When our tenants move in to properties they expect a property with everything in working order, looking good and certainly very clean.  With this in mind we go to great efforts to ensure we check and clean everything between tenancies.  At the start of every tenancy we aim to hand over a property that has been cleaned to a professional standard.  Bearing this in mind our tenants are responsible for returning a property that has been cleaned to the same standard at the end of the tenancy.

To help understand what this involves we have put together a general cleaning guide.  This is by no means exhaustive as every property is different and indeed every tenant is different!  So here’s our run down of the most common things to check are clean:

External - Not applicable to flats unless you have a private entrance or garden
• Wash outside of front door
• Sweep porch area
• Tidy up back and front garden
• Remove weeds from front and back garden

Internal - General
• Remove all tenant belongings (including furniture)
• Wipe down all skirting boards with damp cloth
• Wipe clean any non-permanent marks on walls
• Dust / wipe clean as necessary fire equipment (fire extinguishers, alarm points)
• Dust light fittings
• Dust / clean ceilings and walls as necessary
• Replace light bulbs
• Wipe clean light switches
• Wipe clean door handles (inside and outside the front door)
• Wipe all handrails
• Wipe / dust all window sills
• Clean internal panes of window / door glass
• Wipe clean all doors
• Wipe clean all window frames
• Wash laminate / tiled floors ensuring no pools of moisture left on floor
• Vacuum all carpets including under furniture that can be moved

• Vacuum all sofas and chairs (ensuring that cushions are cleaned underneath)
• Wipe all leather, faux leather sofas and chairs (ensure that removable cushions are taken off and vacuumed underneath) as necessary
• Wipe clean all tables, bookshelves, wardrobes, chest of drawers (including inside the drawers)

• Wipe clean all kitchen surfaces, outside and inside kitchen cabinets as necessary
• Clean inside fridges using appropriate cleaning products
• Where necessary defrost freezer ensuring container / newspaper used to absorb defrosted water
• Clean inside freezer
• Clean inside oven using appropriate oven cleaning fluids
• Clean hob and extractor fan (including top of extractor fan)
• Clean inside and outside microwave (if supplied)

• Clean bath, sink, toilet (internal and external )
• Clean shower enclosures
• Clean bath and sink sealant
• Clean / scrub tile grouting using appropriate materials
• Cellars / Attics / Loft space
• Remove any items left
• Sweep clean as necessary

Cellars / Attics / Loft Space / Any Remaining Cubby Holes
• Remove any items left
• Sweep clean as necessary

The last piece of advice is to double check everything twice, especially underneath furniture - remember to pull out appliances and furniture to check and clean underneath - and do a final wipe over everything even if you think you've cleaned it, just for the added sparkle!

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